The highest quality, most efficient and sustainable way to export draft beer.


What is beerQX?

When it comes to exporting beer, brewers have been forced to compromise either quality or cost. They send plastic one-way kegs that do not offer the quality and reliability brewers seek or they ship expensive stainless steel kegs and incur high loss rates and inefficient logistics.

Now, for the first time, this equation will change. MicroStar has expanded its quality export services to offer brewers the quality, flexibility and efficiency that comes with 20 years of experience and the scale of over 4 million kegs. beerQX provides a high-quality transatlantic cold-chain controlled bulk transport service designed by brewers for brewers. US and Canadian craft beer will now arrive in the UK and Europe faster and fresher than ever before and UK and European brewers will now be able to get their beer to the US more efficiently than ever.

About beerQX Tankers

  • MicroStar owns a growing fleet of custom-made ISO tankers designed by brewers, for brewers
  • These “brite tanks on wheels” each have two compartments (10,000L each) providing more flexibility than ever before
  • Tankers can be used for import / export to move beer efficiently to be canned, bottled and kegged at partner breweries overseas
  • In addition to delivering efficiency and quality, these tankers enable brewers to keg their beer in a format preferred in the end market (1/2 bbl and 1/6 bbl Sankey D kegs in the US, 30L S-Type kegs in Europe)
  • These tankers are also available for brewers in the US to transport their beer domestically to open up new packaging options (custom can sizes, etc.)

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Why BeerQX


Eliminating dead-headed kegs reduces costs and lowers your impact on the environment.


The beerQX end-to-end export solution eliminates the worry of keg loss or slow turn rates when exporting draught beer from the U.S.


The beerQX cold-chain controlled, stainless steel approach avoids the quality concerns and operational inefficiencies associated with single-use plastic kegs.