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We are an extension of your brewery

MicroStar partners with the world’s best brewers by delivering a more efficient and sustainable keg supply chain. Rather than owning or leasing kegs, brewers share high-quality MicroStar branded kegs, and through this highly circular model, we together dramatically reduce the distance empty kegs travel taking 4.1MM million truck miles off the road.

Keg Ownership VS. MicroStar Shared Kegs

Our complete outsourced keg solution also simplifies keg management by consolidating activities and costs that are normally hidden throughout brewers’ operations. The result is the proven pay-per-fill keg program that delivers unparalleled flexibility, predictability, operating efficiencies, and lower total cost of ownership.

The MicroStar Cost Advantage

More Efficient = More Sustainable

MicroStar kegs are reusable AND shareable making the most efficient use of our earth’s finite resources delivering superior economic and environmental benefits.

Less Sustainable

Landfill / Recyclable

Single-use containers often end up in landfills. Recycling is more sustainable, but energy intensive and requires supplemental virgin materials.


Reusable steel kegs save billions of single-use containers from waste streams. But the owned “out and back” model means 50% of a keg’s transportation life is moving empty.

MicroStar Shareable Model

Shareability is the most circular supply chain model. MicroStar shared kegs save over 10 Million kg of greenhouse gas emissions vs. owned kegs annually.

More Sustainable
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Operating Partnership

Our teams go to work every day focused on keeping your operations running smoothly. From the basics of assuring just in time (JIT) delivery of kegs all the way to building bespoke keg supply chains for some of the largest breweries in the world, we have you covered.

Who We Work With

To learn more about us, hear it directly from some of our customers.

Brewery Partnerships
Brewery Partnerships
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